About Michelle

Michelle was Michelle Head Shot 2017introduced to the Alexander Technique while pursuing her BM in Piano Performance at the Lamont School of Music in 2009. Suffering from tension, numbness and tingling in her neck and arms, she sought help. After not seeing much progress from physical therapy, a piano friend recommended the Alexander Technique. It only took one lesson for her to realize she had found the solution she was looking for. It helped her learn what patterns of tension were causing her problems and gave her the means to UNDO them! She is now playing easily with freedom and joy.

After her teacher, Heidi Leathwood, opened a teacher training course Alexander Technique Denver, Michelle knew she needed to train so she too could help others rediscover their freedom in movement. In June 2016, she completed 1600 hours of training to become a certified teacher through AmSAT and is recognized internationally.

Michelle is an Alexander Adjunct Faculty member at the Lamont School of Music and Secretary of the newly formed Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique (ColoradoSAT). Look here for updates on all the events happening in Colorado!