“Prior to my lessons with Michelle, I was woefully out of touch with my body. At one point, my legs below the knees were numb for weeks because of misuse. I daily found myself aching in some way or tense in another without any recourse, until I began my practice.
Michelle observed my movements and tendencies and guided me into new and more natural patterns, both mentally and physically. If you find yourself being hindered by pain, unable to break patterns of movement, or seeking a new outlook in your workout, music making, or dancing, check her out! For me, her instruction has been priceless.”

Andrew, Pizza Maker and Choir Enthusiast


“I have improved my posture, my mind and my life style. Michelle Brake and her teaching way [sic] of Alexander Technique is the reason behind it. I needed to improve my physical appearance, self-esteem and learn how to relax. Michelle’s expertise… has made me achieve my goals. She is a knowledgeable, caring and friendly teacher. By being a great listener and observer, she can discover your fixed habits, and by her gentle touch and direct guidance she helps you break away from them and become a better, stronger and much more relaxed person…”

Siamak Dolatshahi, RMP, LLC.


“One of the most difficult things to do in life is to start. Michelle Brake’s class in Alexander Technique program pushed me to… being excited about the process of body learning and freeing myself from the domination of fixed habits. My work with Michelle involved learning about myself, my body and my mind, and try to make them work better together. She has all the tools a great teacher should have in order to motivate her students. She has the knowledge, and the advanced training. [ ]. She always takes the time to explain what the problem areas are, and then how we should go about improving them. Her skills and warm touch would benefit all students who attend her classes. I honestly can say that what I have learned from Michelle has already changed my body and my life for the better.” [sic]

Mercedeh Moussavian, Famous Tino, Inc.